Senior Wellness Program


At Lexington Boulevard Animal Hospital, we take great pride in partnering with you to provide the best veterinary care for your pets. We are very excited to reveal our new Wellness Program that allows us to become more proactive in your pet's health. By focusing on selected screening tests, we are able to identify small problems early, before significant medical problems occur. View our comprehensive program brochure.

Canine Wellness Package

Comprehensive Examination


Blood Pressure

Complete Blood Count

Radiographs (X-rays) of the Chest and Abdomen

Schirmer Tear Test

Chemistry Profile

Thyroid Profile

Feline Wellness Package

Comprehensive Examination


Blood Pressure

Complete Blood Count

Radiographs (X-rays) of the Chest and Abdomen


Chemistry Profile

Heartworm Antigen Test

Thyroid (T4) Test

Dental Cleaning Discount

Complete Oral Exam

Periodontal Probing/Charting

Dental X-rays

Ultrasonic Scaling & Polishing

Doctor Monitored General Anesthesia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program is a package of tests that we have selected in order to assess a wide array of body systems. By combining these tests, we are able to pass a significant amount of savings on to you. Your veterinarian may suggest additional follow-up testing based on the results of your pet's wellness profile.

How does the Wellness Program Work?

Call and make your pet an appointment, specifically mentioning the wellness program. Your pet should be admitted between 7-9 am the day of the appointment and have a 12 hour fast.

We will complete testing during the day, a doctor will examine your pet, and you will be called when your pet is available for discharge that evening. Due to the nature of our wellness program testing, we are unable to accommodate requests for earlier pickup.

At the time of discharge we will set up an appointment for review of your pet's results with your veterinarian. Results are generally available in 5-7 days.

At your results appointment, it is not necessary to bring your pet. The doctor will provide you with a thorough explanation of your pet's test analyses that is summarized in a packet for you to take home.

What is the Dental Cleaning Discount?

Dental disease is a common condition that affects many dogs and cats as they age. If dental disease is detected during the examination for the Wellness Package, you will have the opportunity to schedule a professional dental cleaning for your pet at a discounted rate. The procedure must be scheduled within one month of the Wellness Package in order to receive the discount.

What will I receive at my results appointment?

You will receive a folder with your pet's results, along with a guide explaining the significance of each test. Your doctor will also show you your pet's radiographs, and any abnormalities that are noted. You will receive a CD of the X-rays to keep. If additional testing is warranted based on your pet's individual results, your veterinarian will make these suggestions at that time.