CT and MRI


CT Scan has a wide range of functions in veterinary medicine. "CT" stands for computed tomography, which is a type of radiology imaging system that uses "slices" of x-ray images to form a 3-dimensional image of a body structure. Having a CT scanner at Lexington Boulevard Animal Hospital gives us the opportunity to diagnose special conditions in which traditional radiographs (x-rays) are inadequate.

An MRI uses magnetic resonance for body system evaluation. The MRI is superior to the CT for certain strokes, central nervous system tumors, malformations of the brain stem or lumbo-sacral spinal disorders We are fortunate to have the use of a nearby imaging center when an MRI is required.

Examples of Diseases/Disorders Requiring Advanced Imaging"

Seizure Patients

Seizures may be due to structural or non-structural (epilepsy) causes. CT Scanning is a definitive way to rule out structural diseases and pinpoint effective treatments.

Facial or Oral Tumors, Fibrosarcomas, Brain tumors

Aggressive tumors that involve vital areas can be evaluated by CT to determine tumor margins and possible surgical options.

Head Trauma
Hydrocephalus (Increased fluid on the brain)
Intervertebral Disks or Spinal Tumors
Orthopedic Disorders such as Elbow Dysplasia
Inner and Middle Ear Disorders