Acupuncture is the normalizing of the body's energy flow through stimulation or sedation of specific acupuncture points (usually motor points).  Acupuncture treatment may alleviate or reduce the need for drug therapy in certain chronic conditions.  Acupuncture can be beneficial in relieving the following:

• Arthritis
• Seizures
• Nerve Damage
• Musculoskeletal Disorders
• Pain Management
• Peripheral Nerve Damage

Veterinarians practicing veterinary acupuncture at Lexington Animal Hospital are certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.  This certification resulted from the completion of course work, practical and written examinations, reviewed case reports, and internship.

"It matters not whether medicine is old or new,
So long as it brings about a cure.
It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western,
So long as they prove to be true."


-Jen-Hsou Lin

Acupuncture is just another weapon in our armamentarium against disease and dysfunctions.