Internal Medicine Specialist


Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist

Whether your pet is suffering from a chronic illness, neurologic disorder or cancer, our internal medicine specialist can diagnose and provide your pet with a quality treatment plan.

Dr. Steve Taylor is a board-certified veterinary internist, with a special interest in neurology. Rather than functioning in a pure referral practice, Dr. Taylor chose to practice in a general practice where he is able to build long lasting relationships with clients and their pets. Dr. Taylor is recognized as a pioneer in the use of advanced imaging (MRI and CT) in private practice. He has consistently remained one of Texas’ top referral doctors, receiving referrals from Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine, multiple specialty practices and numerous private referral and general practices across the state. In addition to his internal medicine and neurology interests, Dr. Taylor is also certified as a veterinary acupuncturist, bringing together the eastern and western cultures of medicine.