Lexington Boulevard Veterinary Specialists provide Board-Certified advanced care for your pet in the Sugar Land, Texas area. As leaders in specialty veterinary medicine, our highly trained and experienced doctors use innovative procedures and state-of-the art medical equipment, medicines and therapies to diagnose and treat your pet's condition.

We treat your pet as if it our own - with compassionate, quality care.

Internal Medicine Specialist

Whether your pet is suffering from a chronic illness, neurologic disorder or cancer, our internal medicine specialist can diagnose and provide your pet with a quality treatment plan.

Behavior Specialist

Does your pet have an annoying or possibly dangerous behavior problem? If you haven’t found a way to resolve the issue, there’s still hope. 

Feline Specialist

Your cat is special, so it deserves special care. Our feline specialist is experienced in a broad spectrum of diagnostic, medical, surgical and dental feline care.